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Ready to donate and claim the dollar-for-dollar AZ Charitable Tax Credit? Remember, for every $1 you donate to qualifying organizations, you get $1 back - reducing your state taxes or increasing your refund.


Please check with your tax preparer for details on your Arizona tax liability. None of the information contained in this website is intended to constitute legal or tax advice.​

Online AZ Charitable Tax Credit Donation

To make an online donation eligible for the AZ Charitable Tax Credit, click below to be redirected to our secure giving page through the Arizona Community Foundation's website (our Fiscal Sponsor). Select "Jointly" or "Individual" based on your state tax filing plans.

By Mail

Click below to download a printable donation form. Follow the included directions to mail your donation to the charitable organization of your choice!​

Online AZ Foster Care Charitable Giving Tax Credit

To make an online donation to Catholic Charities, eligible for the AZ Foster Care Charitable Giving Tax Credit, click below to be redirected.

Over the Phone

As the fiscal sponsor for the Flagstaff Tax Credit Coalition, the Arizona Community Foundation of Flagstaff can assist with donations made by phone during office hours.


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