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tax forms to claim your credit

​To claim your Arizona Charitable Tax Credit after donating to an eligible charitable organization, fill out Arizona Form 321 and include it with your tax return. This form is included with tax materials provide by the State of Arizona, and is available for download from the Arizona Department of Revenue. If you are unsure if you qualify for the tax credit, please contact your tax advisor.

For donations made to a Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization, use Form 352.

To claim all  Qualifying Tax Credits, use Form 301.

QCO Codes

Per the Arizona Department of Revenue, "Effective in 2018, the Arizona Department of Revenue has assigned a five (5) digit code number to identify each Qualifying Charitable Organization and Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization for Arizona tax credit purposes on Form 321 and Form 352, which is included with the Arizona income tax return. Taxpayers must use the “QCO Code” or “QFCO Code” of certified organizations to claim the tax credits for contributions QCOs or QFCOs."

List of Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organizations

​Flagstaff Tax Credit Coalition agencies are Qualifying Charitable Organizations as defined by the Arizona Department of Revenue spending at least 50% of their budget on basic needs to residents of Arizona. Click below to view the Arizona Department of Revenue's complete list of state-wide qualifying organizations.

Mail-in Donation Form

To make your Arizona Charitable Tax Credit donation by mail, download and print this form, designate the eligible organization(s) of your choice, include your check(s) or credit card information, and drop it in the mail to the address provided.

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